Motivation to Workout at Home: Best Strategies to Keep Motivation High

How do you get the motivation to workout at home when you're struggling to get off the sofa? Find out...

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It doesn’t matter how enthusiastically you start a new fitness journey there are going to be days, maybe even weeks that you struggle to get motivated.

It happens.

It happens to even the most motivated.

Hell, I’m a personal trainer, I love working out and I struggle getting off the sofa sometimes.

Being a mama is such a hard job isn’t it?

It’s relentless. No breaks allowed. Not even a paid lunch break.

Has anyone thought about calling in the unions?

Anyway, as we all know, to get the benefits of physical activity you have to actually do it. So, how do you motivate yourself on those days. Those days you’re struggling.

Those days that you’re tried because you’ve been up with your toddler all night.

Those days that the list of family responsibilities seems overwhelming.

Those days you just want to quit everything.

Well, here are my strategies, eleven of them to be exact. Strategies that will motivate you to get your exercise routine done...

We all struggle sometimes to stay motivated. Especially when you've got so much more on your plate. But you can do it, here are my top strategies to keep motivation high.

1. Motivation to Workout at Home: Focus on the Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are well documented.

It helps to improve heart rate and blood flow. It helps to reduce blood pressure. It helps to regulate your blood sugar and your sleep. It helps to improve your mood.

Yes, the benefits of exercise are numerous and well documented.

But, movement breeds movement.

If you’re flopping on the sofa you’ll spend more time flopping on the sofa. If you get up off your butt and do a workout you’ll have more energy to, I don’t know, do everything else you need to do in your day.

Movement breeds movement. Energy breeds more energy.

So, get up. Do that workout. And remember how you feel afterwards. Focus on that feeling next time you think you can’t be bothered to workout.

2. Motivation to Workout at Home: Remember your Goals

Your goals should set you up for success. And when you're succeeding you'll be more encouraged to keep going. Make sure your goals are SMART and realistic.

Goals are really important for keeping you motivated. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than feeling your working out in vain.

Your long-term goal, or your destination, helps you keep in mind what you are working towards. What all the hard work is for. And if you’ve read goal setting coaching your goals won’t just be number based, there will be some emotional reward behind it.

Your short-term, small goals, or how you’re going to get there, will keep you seeing progress. And if you’re not, you’ve got time to make some adjustments.

Don’t skip either because they’re both really important to keep you motivated. To keep you on track.

If you’re still struggling, you might want to revisit your goals. Have another look at what you are trying to achieve. To make sure you’ve got realistic goals, smart goals.

Whether it’s weight loss, or fitness goals like running a 5k, plaster reminders around your house, on your fridge if needed.

Find some way to associate your hard work with getting what you want.

Do whatever it takes to keep your goals in mind.

3. Motivation to Workout at Home: Get a Great Workout Space

Your home gym, or wherever you're going to be working out has to be a place you want to be. So make it lovely. Make it pretty. And fill it with things that inspire you.

When it comes to where you’re going to workout you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

What have you got for your home gym?

A dedicated space? A spare room? Maybe it’s a corner of your living room?

Whatever you’ve got, make it lovely. Make it pretty. Make it somewhere you want to be. Somewhere you want to spend some time.

Because there’s no way you’re going to spend your free time in an ugly room that doesn’t inspire you.

Make it lovely and fill it with things you want to use.

A yoga mat. Some resistance bands. Free weights. Kettlebells. An exercise ball.

What do you fancy using? Fill your lovely space with that. And you’ll want to be in there. Heck, you might not even want to come out.

4. Motivation to Workout at Home: New Workout Clothes

There’s nothing like getting yourself a new outfit. Am I right?

So, if you’re lacking in the motivation department, get yourself some cute gym clothes.

Put on your new outfit and go and sit in your lovely workout space.

I bet the motivation will flow over you eventually.

5. Motivation to Workout at Home: Create a Habit

Did you know that we create habits as a way to protect ourselves from potential dangers and discomfort.

And habits can be hard to break.

That’s a bad thing in one way...because bad habits can be hard to break. But, on the other hand, good habits are hard to break as well. Which is a great way to make a long term change in your lifestyle.

So, make an exercise habit.

Find the best time in your day to workout. And do a workout everyday. Yep, I’m talking a daily workout.

It doesn’t have to be an intense HIIT workout everyday. It could be some stretching. It could be going for a walk. Throwing your kids about for 15 minutes. But do something. Some movement.

Science suggests it takes 66 days to create a habit. So stick with it.

The rewards will be many.

6. Motivation to Workout at Home: Your Workout is an Important Appointment

Your workout is just as important as anything else on your to-do list. It's an important activity. So make an appointment that you just can't cancel.

As our lives get busier our own needs get pushed further and further down our to-do list.

Family responsibilities over take don’t they?

But, our workouts are important. They’re an important activity. For our health. Our physical health and our mental health.

They’re important for our happiness. And that’s just as important as the happiness of your family.

So, set an appointment in your calendar and think of it as an important appointment you can’t cancel. Like a meeting with your boss.

You wouldn’t cancel that would you? Your workout is just as important.

Don’t cancel it.

7. Motivation to Workout at Home: Attend an Online Workout Class

It has to be said, one of the benefits of going to the fitness class.

You have to be somewhere at a specific time to do your workout.

It gets you in the mood for a workout. You know you have to be there, you know what you’re going to be doing.

And, if you’re lacking a little motivation in the class, you’ve got the instructor to give you the added bump you need.

The added push.

The good news is you don’t need an expensive gym membership to get these benefits.


Well, online. YouTube videos, workout videos. There are lots of on-demand and live options for an online workout.

Attend one. Or two.

Live options will give you the motivation to be there at a specific time, but any on-demand workout video should give you an instructor that oozes enthusiasm to give you that extra push.

8. Motivation to Workout at Home: Home Workout Plan

Whatever kind of workout you’re doing, whether it’s a home workout, at the gym, a fitness app, HIIT, kettlebell, yoga, Pilates...whatever it is make sure you have a plan.

A balanced, well-rounded fitness program that you’re following.

Your workout routine should have all of the basis covered, cardio, strength, flexibility and mobility and it should be progressive.

It should be getting progressively harder so your body is always adapting and you’re always seeing changes.

Getting stronger. Getting faster. Getting fitter. Getting thinner.

Your exercise program should be giving you results. And results will keep you motivated.

9. Motivation to Workout at Home: Workout Buddy

Friends make everything easier, more fun. They help you through the tough times, and celebrate with you during the good.

And working out is no different.

Having someone to encourage you, to compete with you, to turn up when you’re not really feeling it. It can really help to keep you on track.

Whether it’s an accountability partner, giving you tips and tricks to make things a little easier, or ways to improve technique, friends can be a great source of motivation.

So, find yourself a buddy. It doesn’t have to be someone who is working towards the same goal, but it does help.

It’s always easier and more fun when you do it with a friend.

What if you can’t find anyone? What if all of your friends hate exercise?

Turn to social media. Instagram is a great tool to keep you accountable and to share your journey with other people working towards the same, or similar goals.

Or, what about getting your family members involved.

They don’t necessarily have to workout with you, but they could remind you to do your workout. Encourage you to do it.

The more people you have involved, the easier it will be for you.

10. Motivation to Workout at Home: Exercise Motivation

A few encouraging words can work wonders for your motivation. So surround yourself with some. Print them off. Put them on the fridge, or wherever else you'll see them.

There’s nothing like a good quote for a bit of workout motivation.

There’s a reason they’re plastered all over social media...they work. Just remember how you felt when you got words of encouragement from your favourite teacher, or coach.

You’ll hear personal trainers in gyms and parks all over the country, encouraging and motivating their clients.

I know I’ve pushed through a difficult training session when I’ve heard “well done Beth, you’re doing really well, keep going”.

The message that someone believes in you and knows you can achieve what you want to achieve is very powerful.

How do you get the same encouragement if you workout from home and you don’t have access to a personal trainer or coach on a daily basis?

Surround yourself with motivational quotes.

Sayings that resonate with you, that remind you of how awesome you are just for showing up for yourself, can be a brilliant substitute.

You’ll find over 200 motivational quotes here.

Write the on sticky notes. Print them on posters. Surround yourself with them. Put them somewhere you’ll see them, and let them motivate you.

11. Motivation to Workout at Home: Set Your Mind for Success

Ok, this one might sound obvious, but it’s important to understand the power your thoughts have over you.

Our thoughts become our actions and our actions become our habits. Hokey, yes, but 100% true.

Have you ever had that nagging little voice in your head that says, ‘this is going to be too difficult, I just can’t do it’.

That voice that points out all of the times you haven’t been successful. That voice that reminds you how much you don’t want to get off the sofa. That voice that puts doubt in your mind.

How many times has that voice stopped you going after what you want.

Now imagine if that voice was supporting you. Reminding you of all the times you’ve succeeded. All the difficult situations you’ve come through.

Reminding you that you’re strong and you can do whatever you set your mind too.

Reminding you how awesome you felt last time you had a good workout and a healthy meal.

Wouldn’t that make the journey so much easier?

Set your mind for success.

Focus on what you can do if you just try. And cast the negative thoughts from your mind.

Motivation to Workout at Home: Let’s Get You Motivated

Working towards a goal is not easy.

Whatever goal it is there are going to be times you want to quit. Times you wonder if your at-home workouts are worth it.

But, you can get through it.

Plan for it and put in place a mechanism to keep you going when it gets tough.

And don’t be fooled, it will get tough.

“What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly”, Thomas Paine.

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