Fantastic Ways to Workout with Kids

It’s not easy for us Mama’s, is it?

Trying to get some time to ourselves so we can, I don’t know, drink a warm cup of coffee, let alone have a workout. 

But, it is possible to workout with your kids. 

Because, think about it, what do kids love doing the most?

Running, jumping, climbing, chasing, skipping, bouncing, balancing, dancing, racing, riding...all physical. All designed to get heart rates up. All designed to get you breathing harder. 

That’s the hallmarks of a good workout. 

So, why not do what your kids love doing?

Get moving. Get active. Get physical. 

Turning playing with your kids into a workout for you is the ULTIMATE way to ensure you get a workout. 

They will be encouraging you, I mean demanding you, do your workout. 

What better encouragement is that?

So, how do we turn kids games into workouts?

Let’s do this….let's workout with kids

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Workout with kids...what do you need for a workout?

OK, the fundamentals of a good workout, they get your heart rate up, they get your breathing rate up. And the way you do that?


And keep moving. Until you can’t move any more.

Then rest. 

And repeat. 

These workouts are designed to get you moving. They will help weight loss, but they’re not designed for performance. 

Purely because you need something a bit more structured for performance. 

So, if you’re planning to do an event, you absolutely can use these workouts, but you will need to supplement them with some training that is specifically structured around your event. 

Likewise, if you have visions of getting a six pack, you will need to do more structured workouts. 

But, these are good for getting your body moving. 

Especially in a functional way. 

Because kids are the best at moving functionally. And by that I mean they use their whole body in a very holistic way. 

They kind of know how to move innately. 

For some of these workouts you will need to show them how to do some of the movements, and model it for them. But they are based on well loved games. Well loved movements. So most kids, especially older kids, should have no problem with them. 

And remember this is about you getting in a workout. It’s about your kids playing. Having fun. Doing what they should be doing. 

Yes, the games will get them active. Which is great. But it’s not about them having a ‘workout’. 

Because I believe, kids should be kids. 

I don’t think they should be doing structured workouts. 

You should be showing them that moving is fun. It’s about having fun. And what is more fun than playing games?

Ok, let’s go…

Workout with Kids: Animal Workouts with Kids

Kids love moving like animals. 

It's fun. 

And guess what, it's fun for adults too. 

But moving like animals is more than fun. It's tough. 

It makes you stronger. It makes you fitter. It makes you healthier. 

Fun for the kids and a great workout for you.

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Workout with Kids: How to make dancing a workout that will really excite your kids

Do your kids love to dance? If they do, why not try one of these dance workout ideas? You get a workout. Your kids get fun time with Mama.

If your toddler is anything like Little K, they love to dance.

It's almost like they can't help but move their bodies to the music. 

It's adorable to watch. Isn't it?

But, it doesn't have to be just adorable. It can be a great way for you to get moving your body AND have lots of fun with your kids. 

How do you turn dancing with your toddler into an at home dance workout?

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Workout with Kids: A Game of Hopscotch

Game of hopscotch: Is it a Game? It is a Workout? Why can't it be both?

An active game, loved by kids the world over...

You know what that means?

Workout potential. 

But how do you turn this classic game into a workout and still keep it fun for your kids.

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Workout with Kids: Fun Workouts your Kids will be Itching to do With You

Being consistent with your workouts is possible, even when your kids are demanding your attention. Learn how...

I may have said is before, and I'll probably say it again...

Kids games are a perfect basis for a workout. 

Whether it's classic games like hopscotch, musical chairs or musical statues. Or, whether it's just general play, running, jumping, moving about. 

But, how do you turn these fun games into a challenging workout for you?

Let's find out...