Fun Workouts: How to Get Fit AND Keep Your Kids Happy

Let’s face it…

Kids love to move. 

I know they get to the stage where you’re constantly dragging them away from the telly. But, before that, they love to move. 

And, I bet you can think of half a dozen games that involve moving. 

So, if it feels like you’re constantly struggling to get in a good workout. Or, you can’t be consistent with your workouts because you’re kids are always demanding your attention...why not use one of these games as the basis for your workout?

‘OMG, but how would I do that?’

I’ll show you, let's make some fun workouts...

Stop struggling with consistency when it comes to working out. Fun workouts can help you get fit whilst keeping your kids happy.

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Fun Workouts: What is a Workout

But, before we get to that, let’s have a look at what a workout is. Trust me, it will help. 

A session of vigorous physical exercise or training. Oxford Dictionary

A practice or exercise to test or improve one's fitness for athletic competition, ability, or performance. Merriam-Webster

Ok. Now we’ve cleared that up, let’s look at what exercise is….

An “activity requiring physical effort…” (Oxford Dictionary) and “bodily exertion…” (Merriam-Webster).

That should get you thinking...

Anytime you undertake physical effort you are exercising. And whenever you undertake that effort in a ‘session’ you are working out.

I like to think of it like this….

Exercise is movement. Any movement. If you are moving your body, you are exercising. 

A workout is a way of structuring that movement.

If you think of exercise and workouts like this, I think it’s easier to see how you can make anything, including games with your kids, into a workout. 

Exercise is movement. Workouts Structure that movement. 

Fun Workouts: Kids Physical Games

The caveat here, I suppose, is that they have to be physical games. 

Because you have to be moving.

But, I bet, without much encouragement you can think of at least half a dozen physical games. 

I’m taking the challenge myself…


Any ball game.

Musical Chairs. 

Musical Statues. 




Animal races.

That was easy. More than 6. 

A quick google and we come up with…

Simon Says.

Follow my leader.



Obstacle course. 

What time is it Mr Wolf.

Red Rover

And with a bit of imagination….

Clean up. (How to coming soon. I promise).

Puddle Jumping, even when there’s not puddles. 

Make actions for songs. 

Run away from Mamster.

Chasing bubbles. 

Wave jumping at the beach.

Anyway. You get the idea. There are lots of physical games you can play with kids. 

And yes, if they’re physical...You can turn them into a workout. 

Fun Workouts: How to Make a Workout

How do you make a workout? If you know that, you can make ANYTHING a workout. You can have a fun workout

The trick to making anything a workout is to move. 

Move so much that your heart rate is increased. 

And then keep it there. 

You can either do that by moving really quickly, really vigorously, for a short period of time and then resting. Or, you keep moving, just at a slower pace. 

Varying the way you move makes sure different muscles are being used. And that your body doesn’t get too used to the movement. 

So, let’s take musical chairs as an example….

When the music plays you move, when the music stops you rest. HIIT Workout :-)

Now for this you could just dance. Any way you feel like. But, you could also move in different ways.

Maybe dance leading with one leg and on the next round lead with the other leg. 

Wave your arms around in the air for one round. Then reach high and low for one round. 

Lift your legs high in front for one round. Then kick your heels to your bum for one round. 

Are you starting to get ideas?

Ok, let’s try ball games.

I don’t know about your little ones, but little K absolutely loves it when we’re racing for a ball and I get there just before she does and I kick it away from her. Or if I’m bouncing a ball and I don’t quite let her get it. 

I use this, letting her get it every now and then to keep her enjoying it. 

So, I bounce the ball side stepping one way. Then I tap it over her head and bounce the other way. 

I let her get the ball, chase her and we start again. 

Or, I kick the ball. We both chase it, and just as she gets there I kick it away and we chase it again. 

Or, to give your abs a workout….sit down and throw the ball. When your kid throws it back to you, roll onto your back and sit back up. 

Fun Workouts: It's All About Fun and Games

So if you’re struggling to get consistent with your workouts, get your kids involved. 

Spend time with them. Make it fun for them. Who knows, it might be fun for you as well. 

But the key is, when it’s fun for them, they’ll want you to workout. They’ll encourage you to workout.

You’ll be hitting your goals in no time. And be fun mama.

Who doesn’t want that?