Body Transformation Coach: Get In The Best Shape of Your Life

Body Transformation Coach: Want to get in the best shape of your life, and create healthy habits so you stay that way? I can help.

Beth's 1 Week Meal Plan

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So, you want to get fitter?

Maybe lose the baby belly?

Maybe lose a few of those wobbles?

Yes, I can help.

I can help you get in the best shape of your life.

But, honestly, most personal trainers, if they’re half decent, can. It’s not that difficult to plan workouts and nutrition so that your clients get in great shape.

The difficult part, for clients, is keeping it off.

Keeping to the new regime when life hits the fan.

Because it will. It’s inevitable.

Work will get hectic. Your kids will be ill and need more attention than ‘normal’. You’ll have rows with hubby and want to dive into a massive chocolate cake.

Life will hit the fan.

And that’s when it gets difficult to stick to regimes.

When you’ve been up with a poorly child since 2.00am, you’re not going to want to go to your HIIT workout at 7.

When you’ve been up against it at work, you’re not going to want to come home and spend hours in the kitchen.

But, that’s where I can help.

See, I won’t just give you a workout plan and a meal plan and say, hey, stick to that.

Instead we’ll work together.

We’ll take it step by step so that your new healthy lifestyle becomes, well, just your lifestyle. You’re not ‘on a diet’ you’re just eating. You’re not ‘working out to lose weight’ you’re going to do something you enjoy.

As your body transformation coach I'll work with you to make every part of your new lifestyle a habit. Something that becomes so instinctive that you just couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Work with me as your body transformation coach and get in the best shape of your life.

Why are Habits so Important?

I work with habits because they are proven, over and over again to be the most effective way to create long lasting change.

And that’s what you want right?

You don’t want to do another diet, that will get you the body you want, but just for a short time.

You don’t want to spend your life weighing up whether you can have a piece of cake and then feeling guilty about it.

You want to be able to live your life. Have fun. And eat some cake every now and then.

That’s what we’ll work on together, during our check ins, which will happen on a regular basis.

Not just getting you the body you’ve always dreamt of, but a lifestyle that leaves you feeling happy and content.

I’d say stress free, but you’ve got kids, so I can’t promise that.

Ok, so shall we look at some specifics?

Workout Plan

A woman boxing. Workouts don't have to be about doing sets and reps of a particular exercise. Workouts can be doing something you enjoy. Whatever that might be.

Yes, I will give you a workout program.

I do this so you can start seeing changes from the outset.

It will have an element of cardio training, strength training and a bit of mobility. It will be based around your fitness goals and the things you know you like and don’t like.

You tell me you don’t like running, we’ll find other ways to do cardio.

You tell me you love to do burpees, I’ll make them a part of every workout.

Home workouts that you can do anywhere. You won’t need a fancy workspace with lots of equipment. In your kitchen or garden with just your own body will be all you need.

Ultimately it will work your entire body to build firm, toned, muscle mass, and burn lots of wobbly fat.

But, we won’t stop there.

Throughout your fitness journey we’ll work together to find something that you don’t just enjoy doing, but something you love doing.

Whether that’s a team sport, a bit of pole dancing or strong woman. We’ll find something that you look forward to. Something that becomes a bit of me time for you.

Not a chore that you’ve got to get through.

Something that becomes a bit of a hobby. You’re time away from the family.

Because physical training doesn’t have to look like a sets and reps exercise program. It can look however you want it to.

A pole dancing class on a Monday. Some flexibility work on a Wednesday. A bit of strength training on a Friday. And freestyle choreography on a Saturday. For instance.

Or even, pole dancing on a Monday. Boxing on a Wednesday and yoga on a Friday.

Yeah, we’ll work together to find something you love doing. And find a way to fit it into your existing life. Your already hectic week.

Just think, if you had a couple of hours during that week to do something you loved doing.

It wouldn’t feel quite so hectic.

Trust me.

Body Transformation Coach: Meal Plans

A delicious, nutritious meal that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.

If you’re looking to change your body composition, and by that I mean, get rid of unwanted body fat and gain lean muscle, look firmer, leaner and more toned, you’re going to need to alter the way you eat.

Weight loss is about 75% what you eat and 25% how you move.

So to make sure you get the best results we’ll also look at what you’re eating.

That’s why, along with your training programs I will also give you a nutrition program.

But no, it won’t be based around fad diets. Whether it’s the latest must do or not.

I don’t believe in cutting out complete food groups, unless there is a medical reason to do so. I don’t believe in restricting calories to such an extent that you’re hungry all of the time.

I do believe in you eating what’s good for you.

And by that I mean the food that works for you. The food that makes you feel energised and on top form.

This isn’t just about eating fruits and vegetables with lean protein and a few healthy servings of dairy.

It’s more in depth than that.

It’s about learning what food makes you feel crap.

That could be broccoli for all I know. Some people find broccoli makes them feel bloated and sluggish. Yes, technically it’s healthy. It’s actually considered a superfood it’s got so many vitamins in it. But, if you can’t process it properly, it’s not going to make you feel super. It’s going to make you feel like crap.

So, during our time together we’ll learn about you.

What’s good for you.

What makes you feel shitty and sluggish. And what makes you feel on top of the world.

Just a side note, I’m not saying you should stay away from the things that make your feel like crap.

If you absolutely love broccoli, then no, you shouldn’t cut it out completely. You should limit it. But the main thing is, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether you want to feel like crap or not. Is it worth it?

I love coffee. I drink mainly black coffee. But every now and then I love to have a latte. It doesn’t make me feel particularly great afterwards. I feel quite bloated and have a heavy stomach.

But, every now and then I think, f**k it. I really want a latte. So I have one.

I don’t eat much for the rest of the day because my stomach feels a bit crap. But every now and then it’s worth it.

Some days I think, oh I really fancy a latte, but I don’t want to feel crap. So, I focus on how crap I feel after I’ve drunk one, and the craving goes away.

It’s amazing how dedicated you can become when you know how food makes you feel.

So, that’s what we’ll work on.

Yes I’ll give you a meal plan.

But, it won’t stop there. You’ll monitor how you feel after every meal. And we’ll adjust your plan on a regular basis.

Body Transformation Coach: Lifestyle Program

#take care of yourself. A happy life includes time for you to work on the things you want to work on.

The final part of our work together is to build your new healthy lifestyle.

Creating healthy habits that will lead to long lasting, life-changing results.

Yes, I will be with you every step of the way, but at some point, you’ll want to go off and do it by yourself. Just as my little girl is trying to do with everything at the minute.

I want to help you create not just the best version of you, but the best version of your life. The one you always dreamed of.

The one where there’s time for you to work on your goals.

The one where there’s time for you to have a bath, or drink a hot coffee.

The one where you’re not so in demand that you can barely poo in peace let alone do anything else.

I believe there’s a life like that out there for everyone. And I want to help you get there. You deserve it.

Body Transformation Coach: About Me

Beth tries a lot of different workouts. Here she's doing aerial acrobatics. She's also done strong woman competitions, pole dancing and more traditional workouts like strength training in a gym.

There’s a whole page dedicated to my journey, but I thought I’d introduce myself a little, just in case you haven’t ventured over that way.

I’m Beth and I’m a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and I’m a bit obsessive about making my life as easy as possible.

I’m not 100% there yet, but one of my hobbies is to make things as easy as I can.

Meals, I’ve got down to 15 minutes prep time. And they’re delicious, nutritious meals.

My workouts are mainly 15 minutes. Unless I head off to the gym for my boxing or misfit class. My other hobbies.


Why did I start my own personal training business?

The short answer is that I wanted to use my own experiences, my own struggles to help make the lives of others just that little bit easier.

Well, I’ve suffered with weight problems, pretty much my entire life.

In fact my first interaction with the fitness industry was when I was about 10. My aunty offered my a pound for every lb I lost.

She didn’t have to give me much.

That was my first attempt at dieting, and there have been many, many, many since.

When I got to my 30’s I was bigger than I had ever been, and completely fed up.

So, I enlisted the help of a personal trainer, and started learning from a life coach.

I lost 3 stone.

I was still very up and down with my weight. I had more of an idea of what I should be doing. But, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be.

And to be honest, my body, how I look, is still a work in progress. I’ve definitely got more wobbles than I’d like. And some of my clothes are tighter than I’d like.

But you know what? I’m OK with that.

I know I’ll get there. Because I’ve spent to time building an excellent foundation. Healthy habits that are just a part of my life.

And I want to help you do the same.


Body Transformation Coach: Get In Touch

The first step of your transformation journey is to get in touch and arrange a free consultation. You can do that here. 

We’ll have a chat about what you want to achieve, your current personal health, and what your lifestyle is like at the moment.

From there, if we are the best fit, we can create actionable programs.

A plan of action that will have you feeling better, and looking great in no time at all.

Yes, this is hard work. But no great success every came easily.

The time is going to go past whether you make the changes or not. Don’t be sat there next year, wishing you’d experienced significant results. Wishing you’d taken the plunge today.

Let’s do it. Together.