Workout at Home: How to Reclaim Your Time and Keep Your Kids Happy

It’s a tough one isn’t it?

You’ve got so much to do and so little time. Adding another thing to your to do list just seems overwhelming. 

But, working out can actually help with that overwhelm. 

It releases endorphins which improves your mood. It helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently which gives you more energy. It increases the blood flow to your brain which improves your memory and reduces brain fog. 

It really is a worthwhile addition to your to do list. 

But, it’s getting your kids to see that, isn’t it. 

Do they really care about your energy levels? Do they really understand how your energy levels affect them?

Not really. 

They know they want attention. Now!

So, how do we do anything for ourselves when the kids want that attention?

Let’s to workout at home.

How to workout at home even when the kids won't leave you alone.

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1. Workout at Home: Independent Play

This one has got to be top of the list. Because if you can get your kids to play on their own, Imagine what a game changer that would be. 

It’s not easy. I feel incredibly guilty saying no to little K when she wants to play with me. 

And it’s not just about the guilt. She has so much attention when she visits nanny and grandad, I worry she’ll start to see me as boring and not want to spend time with me. 

But the thing is, being able to play on her own is so important for her development that I know deep down I’m doing the right thing. And you are too. 

It’s not our job to play, or entertain our kids.

Kids are more than capable of playing. They don’t need us to show them, or teach them how. In fact, we do risk disrupting their play if we are there. 

Independent play is so important for your child's development, don't feel guilty about leaving them to play by themselves. Use the time to do something for yourself.

We can stop them doing what they want to do. Play how they would play. 

So, allowing them to play independently is a gift. A gift that we should all give to our kids. With no guilt. No judgement. We are doing what is best for them. 

How do you go about it?

It’s going to take a bit of work, especially if your kids are used to having you at their beck and call. But do it. And don’t give up. You’re doing the right thing for them AND you’ll be getting back a bit of time for yourself. 

I’ve found this article by Janet Lansbury really helpful.

2. Workout at Home: Let’s Redefine What a Workout Is

If you're struggling to get some time to yourself to workout, why not workout with our child. Make one of their favourite games a workout

When you think of working out do you think about doing squats, lunges, burpees or maybe going jogging for an hour?

That’s all very well, but workouts don’t have to be that. 

Workouts are a way of structuring exercise. And exercise is movement. Any movement can be made into a workout. 

So, if your kids want your attention, why not turn one of their games into a workout. 

I’m not talking about making them do squats, lunges, burpees, etc, etc, etc. 

I’m talking about playing their games. 

Tag. Chasing. Walking like animals. Playing with a ball. Musical chairs. Musical statues. Dancing. Throwing them about.

Anything physical, can be made into a workout. 

Ok, I know I said that it’s important to let your kids play by themselves, but that’s not practical all day every day. Of course they are going to need attention from. Of course they are going to want connection with you. 

And what better way to connect with your kids than with physical activity. 

They have fun. You have fun. You get fit while having fun. While spending time with your kids. 

You become the fun mama. 

What could be better than that?

3. Workout at Home: Make Other Chores Quicker

Who likes doing chores anyway? Find a way to make those chores quicker. Cook dinner in 15 minutes. Use online shopping. Whatever you can to make your chores that bit quicker.

You need to make some time in your day to have a workout. How about freeing up some time from the other chores you do?

Because let’s face it, chores are boring. Aren’t they?

I mean who wants to spend hours cleaning the house? Or cooking dinner? Or food shopping? Whose got that kind of time? I know I haven’t. 

So, can you make any of your chores quicker?

I’ve made it my mission to make cooking dinner quicker. 

I’ve been coming up with meal ideas, and ways of making meals, that don’t take any longer than 15 minutes. I like 15 minutes. It feels like an insignificant amount of time in your day, but used well you can get so much done. 

So far I’ve got about 15 under my belt. I’ll be sharing them on here, don’t worry. 

It’s great because we get delicious, healthy dinners that don’t take much effort from me. 

I feel like I’ve won on many fronts. 

So what can you make quicker? What can you utilise to make your life a bit easier? 

Online shopping? Kids helping with chores? 

Imagine if you could shave 15 minutes of every chore you do. What would your day/week look like then?

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

By the way, if you manage to make cleaning quicker I want to know!

4. Workout at Home: Get Some Help

Grandparents love spending one on one time with their grand kids. Let them help. Leave them for a few hours, let them go for a sleep over. You'll all relish the time.

This is another one you shouldn’t feel guilty about...although most of us do. 

If you have willing family, why not enlist their help in looking after your little ones?

Little K regularly goes to stay with nanny and grandad, my mum and dad. It really benefits us all. Nanny and grandad get some quality time getting to know and watching their granddaughter grow up. 

Little K has such a lovely relationship with them. I think all kids benefit from exposure to many people who love them. Especially different generations. 

And I get time, every week, where I’m not mummy, I’m me. 

I get to work on things I want to work on...this website, working out, spending time with hubby and friends. 

It’s so important that you get to be an adult. Have adult relationships. 

And absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

When you spend all day every day with your little ones, and when they spend all day every day with you, you can become complacent. You can take each other for granted...just like any relationship. 

When you have some downtime, regularly, you feel freer to enjoy the time you do spend with your little one. You just enjoy being with them. Watching them grow. Because you know your time will come. 

All of those other things you want to do, need to do, can be done when they’re not around. 

If you haven’t got family members to help, what about nursery/childminder/creche. 

Your little one might be upset at first, but I bet they will enjoy being with other kids and being in an environment with so many toys.

5.  Workout at Home: Use a Bit of Telly 

Love it or hate it, kids love telly. So why not use that to your advantage. If it's used strategically throughout the day it can provide you with a well deserved rest.

Whether you love it or hate it, one thing is for love a bit of telly. 

So, if none of the other options are open to you, or even if they are, why not give your kids a bit of screen time?

I’m not talking about putting the telly on first thing and sitting your kids in front of it all day. Although, some days you might need that as well. I’m talking about using it strategically throughout the day. 

Think about when would be good for you. When do you need that time the most? And when would your kids benefit from it the most?

Could 15 minutes in the morning help you get breakfast ready, a few other chores done? Or what about lunch time? Is that a good time to get a work out in? Are your kids a bit wild in the afternoon? Do they need a bit of downtime? 

Figure out when would be the best time for you. When TV is used strategically it can really help to give you a break and a bit of fun time for the kids. 

And it doesn’t have to be mind numbing cartoons. Although I personally do see some benefit in being able to just switch off. There are so many great kids programs at the minute. Entertaining, educational and you might not even want to pull your hair out…

These are sure to keep your kids busy, entertained and educated.

The only time you should really avoid screen time is an hour before bed. 

Screen time that close to sleeping can screw up all of our circadian rhythms. And our little ones are even more susceptible. 

How to Workout at Home – Let’s Take Back Some Time

They are my top five tips on how to workout at home. For taking back some of your day. Even if it’s just 15 minutes.  

Because that’s all you need to have a workout. 

But I bet, once you start, you’ll be hooked. You’ll see how freeing it is to take back a bit of control of your day and some time for yourself. 

How to workout at let me know what works for you.